Spare parts warehouse in Volders expanded

In 2016, TechnoAlpin opened its fully automated spare parts warehouse in Volders, near Innsbruck (AT). The location is ideal: in the middle of Europe and within a few hours’ reach of many ski resorts. The spare parts warehouse is also close to TechnoAlpin headquarters and has perfect logistical connections for international transport. Its start-up has made it possible to reduce waiting times and to guarantee rapid processing of customer requirements.

The warehouse has been expanded in 2018 due to the rapid increase in demand from TechnoAlpin’s equally increasing numbers of customers. The expanded building now covers an area of 4,500 m2. This make it possible to guarantee rapid spare parts deliveries to all customers all over the world. The immediate correction of any difficulties is especially important if snowmaking systems are in use.

Part of the building is used for office space but most of it houses the automatic storage system. The warehouse currently contains 4,300 different items and a total of some 450,000 single parts. 

In 2017, TechnoAlpin recorded 7,300 deliveries throughout the world, 4,500 of them express deliveries to guarantee fast and competent assistance. The spare parts warehouse is operated by an international spare parts management system. All spare parts can be ordered simply and without complications via the TechnoAlpin online service portal. A search field allows you to search and order all items. 

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