Special thanks to the TechnoAlpin Teams!

With the winter season now underway and many ski resorts already opened or about to welcome their guests for the Christmas vacation, TechnoAlpin would like to thank its team: the technicians and all those who have contributed to the start-up of the snowmaking installations. Indeed, the dedication and on-going efforts of our teams during this intense and critical time allow ski resort operators to be ready, up and running for the season! From North America to the Russian Federation or Asia, as well as all across Europe, our teams have been there to meet the challenges of commissioning hundreds of snowmaking installations in a very short period of time and to support local snowmaking crews to start the snow production on time.

Of course, this is made possible thanks to the skills of our highly trained service professionals, who go through annual training sessions on the latest TechnoAlpin innovations and the new product features. But this is possible also thanks to the innovative design of the technical solutions implemented for each project, the quality and reliability of the products that TechnoAlpin has delivered on site as well as the careful project management! This is the end result of months of hard work by all the TechnoAlpin employees worldwide who are all dedicated to one thing: the satisfaction of our customers! Year after year, this is the strong commitment TechnoAlpin wants to show to its customers, who have placed their confidence in its snowmaking products and solutions, to help them make the best of each winter season!

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