State-of-the-art technology for long-term partnership

Impianti Colfosco runs 10 ski lifts in South Tyrol in Colfosco, Val Stella Alpina and Passo Gardena on the famous Sellaronda route. Surrounded by the mighty Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the company takes care of both the tourists and the slopes, ensuring comfortable transport facilities for the skiers and optimum preparation and maintenance of the surfaces. Having been a customer from the very beginning, the Val Badia-based company has a long-standing partnership with the innovation leader TechnoAlpin. 

Best snow guns for optimum snow quality

Continuous development, flexibility and passion are three principles which set the two companies apart from others. The partnership therefore went deeper in 2019 when another project came on stream. The Stella Alpina slope in Val Stella Alpina is currently being redeveloped. Not only will the existing ski lift be replaced with a modern detachable six-seater chairlift and the fun slope extended to include new features, but the entire snowmaking system will also be optimized. Three new lift-mounted TF10 fan guns and two new TL4 lances are currently being installed in Kolfuschg. Then there will be 11 mobile TR10 fan guns which will replace the six mobile M20 models. The TR10, this year’s new release from TechnoAlpin, has a completely new nozzle design, combining unprecedented energy efficiency, conservation of resources and optimum snow output, especially in the borderline temperature range. Ease of maintenance and operational reliability have also been improved with the TR10. 

Pumping stations of the latest generation

In addition to renewing the various snow guns, the Forcelles and Plans pumping stations will both be expanded. TechnoAlpin will also be supplying all the pipelines, pits, cooling towers, electronic and hydraulic systems, thereby ensuring that the system will continue to be served by an optimum water and air supply in the future. The best possible snow quality can now be guaranteed throughout the entire season thanks to the modern infrastructure. 

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