Summer time is maintenance time for snow-making systems

The snow-making systems in the northern hemisphere will be taking a break for the next few months. That is why it is important to use this time to set up the equipment for the coming winter season. The complex technological systems consist of numerous hydraulic, mechanical and electronic components perfectly matched to each other. They should therefore be inspected annually to ensure that they produce energy-efficient snow and can guarantee reliable operation in winter. If a system is properly serviced, it will achieve maximum efficiency. This not only saves money but provides perfect slopes for skiers

It is essential for a snow-making system to be reliable, especially at the beginning of the season. The short windows of opportunity for snow generation must be exploited to the full in order to guarantee that the slopes can open. TechnoAlpin offers service contracts for the entire system in order to simplify the process of regular maintenance. The service contracts can be taken out for the snow guns and the valves, for example. Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems of the snow guns are also inspected by trained engineers who rectify any faults in order to restore them to perfect condition

The machine rooms also need regular servicing. Pumps need to be re-adjusted and the vibrations measured. Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect heat sources. The pump and motor bearings are re-lubricated, and the valves, filters and gate valves inspected. Vibration measurements and oil analyses are carried out on the compressors, and filters are changed.

TechnoAlpin has been trained by the manufacturers for many years and is an authorized service workshop for Kaeser, Caprari and KSB. We place great importance on customer service and quality products. You can see what our Customer Service offers here.

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