TechnoAlpin achieves record production time

TechnoAlpin produced the 1,000th snow gun of the year earlier than ever before and delivered it in July 2017. All snow guns are manufactured at the headquarters in Bolzano and are sent all over the world from the base there.

The company made more than 2,500 fan guns in 2016 for the first time. 2017 is forecast to be another record year, in that the 1,000th fan gun had already been produced in Bolzano at the end of June and delivered mid-July. That is more than two months earlier than last year. The production division was restructured in 2017 in view of the increase in orders. This will ease the pressure on the production line during peak season and will guarantee delivery to ski resorts all over the world in time for the beginning of the season.

The 1,000th snow gun was a TF10 model, still the most powerful TechnoAlpin snow gun. The destination for the 1,000th machine was the ski resort of Schöneben in South Tyrol (Italy). “We are delighted to have the privilege of taking delivery of this special machine. It is important to be as efficient as possible with our snow-making operations,” said Andreas Lechthaler, President of Schöneben AG, “and TechnoAlpin has the professional expertise to help us in this regard.”

The superb quality of the snow gun will therefore remain in the homeland of TechnoAlpin. “I am pleased that the 1,000th machine to be made this year is going to a South Tyrolean ski resort,” said Wolfgang Psenner, sales manager at TechnoAlpin Italy, expressing his contentment at the delivery of the fan gun. “Snow-making technology is of enormous importance, even in areas with high levels of snowfall like Schöneben. It is the only means whereby we can meet the increasing customer demands. We would like to thank Schöneben for its loyalty to our company over many years.”

Schöneben has been a TechnoAlpin customer since 2009. In 2015, the pumping station was built together with the new reservoir and the entire cast-iron pipeline in the ski resort was extended and renovated in parts. In total, 14 fan guns and 19 snow lances have been installed by TechnoAlpin in the past years. The ski resort will also see further extensions to the snow-making system in 2017 – one addition being the 1,000th TF10 machine to roll off the production line.

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