TechnoAlpin and Norefjell: A fruitful collaboration

About 90 minutes from Oslo in Norway is Norefjell, a paradise for skiers and snowboard enthusiasts. Located near Høgevarde, the highest point of the area at 1,459 m high, the ski resort boasts 13 ski lifts that provide access to 25 slopes. The total length of the slopes at Norefjell, a TechnoAlpin customer since 2009, is 26 km. The altitude of the area varies from 1,200 meters to 200 meters above sea level. At the beginning of the collaboration, in 2009, a new pumping station and a slope with mobile pits were built. In the years that followed, the pumping stations which were already there were renovated and automated. Additionally, some slopes were equipped with new TechnoAlpin snow guns, new pipelines and new pits. 

This year, collaboration between TechnoAlpin and Norefjell will be even closer and even more fruitful. A new reservoir will be built with 100,000 m³ of water at a height of 916 m, as well as a new pumping station with 4 secondary pumps (30 kW each) and 4 high pressure pumps (90 kW). The latter extract 37 liters of water per second, for a total of 150 l/s, that will be increased to 200 l/s over the coming years. Due to the high position of the lake and the pumping station, the lower section of the ski resort can be covered with snow only using the 4 secondary pumps, thereby saving an enormous quantity of energy. What's more, this year 5 km of cast-iron conduits will be laid on 6 slopes, along with 53 pits with 31x V3s, 18x T40s on lifts and 4 mobile pits. TechnoAlpin is responsible for installation of the pipes, the pits, the snow guns and the pumping stations, as well as excavation and assembly. The project will be completed in three months.

Overview of the project:

  • Reservoir, with a capacity of 100,000 m³
  • Pumping station with 4 secondary pumps (30 kW each) and 4 high-pressure pumps (90 kW) with a total capacity of 150 l/s
  • 53 pits 5
  • km of cast-iron pipes
  • 31x V3s 18x
  • T40s on lifts
  • 4 mobile T40s

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