TechnoAlpin and the Ruby Park Rail Yard

Ruby Hill Rail Yard is located within the City of Denver, in Ruby Hill Park. Ruby Hill is about 20 minutes from our headquarters in South East Metro Denver. First established in 2007, Ruby Hill Rail Yard was the country's first free urban terrain park based in a city. Winter Park Resort in Grand County, an international mega resort, is also interestingly a City of Denver Park which operates on behalf of the City by Intrawest. Intrawest is a Denver based company similar to TechnoAlpin. Winter Park snowmaking crews come down to make snow every January and this year, they exclusively used TechnoAlpin fan guns for this very challenging project. Urban Denver can of course be cold, but not for very long, and not very often.

The TechnoAlpin fan guns shown in the picture below, have had a fascinating winter contributing to some very worthwhile projects. The guns were first donated to the NSCD to be used in their disabled ski program at Winter Park, one of the oldest and largest in the nation. Colorado got a late start as snowmaking temperatures were far from ideal but these guns delivered spectacular snow to start the NSCD program on time while receiving rave reviews from Winter Park snowmakers.

Having fulfilled their duties at Winter Park, the snowmakers decided to bring the guns down as their weapons of choice at Ruby Hill. As expected, the guns performed flawlessly. Often run by Denver Parks and Rec personnel, they were also impressed by the guns, reporting, “Best we’ve ever had”.

To give an idea of how this agenda works, the snow is first used for basic ski instruction provided by NSCD. This program is put in place for disadvantaged, at risk, urban kids that without Ruby Hill, would not likely get the opportunity to learn to ski or ride; a tremendous story in itself. Then, with the help of Winter Park, 30 volunteers transform the North East facing slope of Ruby Hill into the “Rail Yard”. The urban park rats, who probably learned their craft on skateboards and other city “rails”, work the park to its death until eventually, the snow melts. TechnoAlpin would definitely benefit in speaking to the City of Denver about Snowfactory to continue this awesome service at other locations.

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