TechnoAlpin and the X-Games

The 2016 Winter X-Games concluded Sunday January 31st.  This year’s X-Games consisted of Superpipe, Slope Style, Big Air along with Skier and Snowboard Cross, Snowmobile Freestyle and Snow Cross. Each venue requires a separate course and features. These events, for the most elite world class athletes, dictate features that require an incredible amount of machine made snow. Some of the features would dwarf a 3 story condo. TechnoAlpin is proud to have its equipment making the lion’s share of that snow. Aspen Ski Corp has about 70 TechnoAlpin fan guns and a good complement of T-A Rubis EVO’s at Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk and Snowmass. Buttermilk is the smallest of Aspen’s four mountains but it takes on gigantic proportions to host the X-Games. Because for X-Games, enough snow is never enough snow, Buttermilk relies on its fleet of T 40’s, TF 10’s and Rubis EVO’s at trails edge. When the other 3 mountains finish snowmaking operation usually just before Christmas, Buttermilk is just beginning to knuckle down, often “borrowing” T-A fans from its sister resorts. Throughout January, mild mannered Buttermilk, known for its kids programs, looks like a snowmaking war zone. Many of the features start as snowmaking piles 50 feet deep. At the beginning of the process, one would think tower guns would be most appropriate and Buttermilk has some, but the technique has become to use carriage guns to make a monstrous mound, then a brave snow cat operator moves the gun to a perch at the top of the mound and the building continues. Often we see two yellow fans shoulder to shoulder, just feet apart.

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