TechnoAlpin offers individual spare parts and servicing kits

TechnoAlpin snow producers boast an extremely long service life. Even after many years, their performance is optimized and maintained at a constant level through regular servicing and inspection. TechnoAlpin has therefore put together individual spare parts and servicing kits, drawing on its many years of experience in snowmaking to assemble the right package for each snow producer.

In total there are three kits for fan guns and three kits for snow lances. The kits are different depending on how long a snow producer has already been in use. So there are kits for three, six and nine seasons, designed to best meet the requirements of the customer in each case. These kits primarily contain various components like O-rings, gaskets, drain ballcocks and other parts which need to be replaced regularly. TechnoAlpin supplies all the parts needed to service snow producer over their entire lifetime, affording the customer the security of knowing that all the necessary spare parts will be available. Errors in purchase orders can also be avoided by purchasing the kits. It is also possible to save valuable time and to have the snow producers serviced and ready for operation in due time and on schedule.

Fast delivery for reliable operation

When it comes to shortening waiting times, the automated spare parts warehouse in Volders plays a key role. A dedicated team in Volders manages the international spare parts supply so that fast and efficient processing of customer inquiries can be guaranteed worldwide.

Pressure hoses have to be replaced every six years for safety reasons therefore TechnoAlpin has also pieced together a special kit for this purpose. This guarantees fault-free operation and restores the safety levels which are reduced by brittle hoses. The individual servicing kits can be ordered very easily and quickly through the TechnoAlpin service portal. The staff in the service department are highly efficient and are always happy to provide further information.

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