TechnoAlpin presents the pinnacle of innovation

TechnoAlpin is at the leading edge of technical innovation in the snowmaking market. Painstaking research and development are continually invested in the improvement of software and snow producers. TechnoAlpin has been routinely redefining standards in snowmaking for 30 years through forward-looking innovation processes.
TechnoAlpin held an official presentation of its new products on April 4, 2019 to introduce the new TR10 fan gun and the SNOWMASTER app. The recently completed production building in Bolzano was the perfect setting for this unique event. Representatives of all the South Tyrolean ski resorts were invited to the event. TechnoAlpin once again underlined the importance of the appreciation of its customers and of South Tyrol as a location.

Presentation with a spectacular climax

Verena Pliger hosted the event which attracted more than 150 visitors, leading them through the evening after opening the proceedings with a short conversation with Director Erich Gummerer and President Walter Rieder about the significance of the new production building and the importance of South Tyrolean customers. Prof. Dr. Ralf Roth (Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln - German Sport University Cologne) then presented his 2018 study on winter sports in Germany with facts and figures from the important source market Germany. The information provided food for thought as to the various possibilities and the potential for tourism in South Tyrol.

Next step towards digitization for ski resorts

Product Manager Patric Lenarduzzi presented the new SNOWMASTER app. It can provide the managers of ski resorts with an unrestricted overview of the planning and progress of the snowmaking processes. The basic factors for management decisions can therefore be accessed anytime and anywhere on a smartphone. The SNOWMASTER app is connected to the ATASSplus control system and can access large amounts of the data collected by the control software. Having developed the SNOWMASTER app, TechnoAlpin is the first provider to supply ski resorts with forecasts for snow production. Taking account of detailed weather forecasts from ATASSplus, the SNOWMASTER app projects the possible amount of snow to be produced and the water required.

Symphony of excellence

The focus of the development work at TechnoAlpin is on guaranteeing top snow quality while at the same time optimizing the use of resources and maximizing the usability of the snow producers. The TR10 fan gun combines all of these criteria to arrive at a point of excellence at the peak of achievement. Every single part of the TR10 has been engineered with meticulous precision and is an outstanding product in its own right. The interaction of these components as a whole is sublime, surpassing the contributions of the individual parts and taking excellence to another level. This inspired TechnoAlpin to compare its TR10 fan gun to a septet. Six developers presented the seven features of the fan gun and explained why innovation makes all the difference. They invited their listeners on a musical journey of innovation.

With its completely new nozzle valve technology, the TR10 boasts an impressive track record combining unprecedented energy efficiency and conservation of resources – naturally with the guarantee of optimum snow output even in the marginal temperature range. The air cooler has been redesigned, providing the TR10 with a significantly higher cooling surface for impressive performance and unsurpassed snow output, especially in the limit temperature range. Ease of maintenance and operational reliability have also been improved with the TR10. For TechnoAlpin, simplifying the work of the snow teams is a central goal in its development work. Therefore the TR10 has an automatic height adjustment mechanism which can be individually adapted and comes as standard on all the machines, whether mobile or permanently installed. With the largest touch display on the market, the TR10 boasts impressively high levels of usability, even in extreme situations.

All the products and solutions will be presented to the public for the first time at the Interalpin trade fair. All the information will be available in Hall A at Stand 20

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