TechnoAlpin scales glacier at Tonale Pass

TechnoAlpin has for decades planned and constructed customized snow-making systems to create incomparable slopes all around the world. With the recently completed project on the glacier at the Tonale Pass in Italy, the company has once again demonstrated that it can tackle any challenge. In addition to the standard slope, a snow-making system for the ski resort was also installed for the first time on the glacier. There are very few such plants in the world, so building it was especially challenging. Both connection points and line materials had to be fastened directly to the ice. That is why TechnoAlpin developed its own pits for the project to suit the conditions perfectly.

The special polyurethane pits have adjustable jacks and an extendible entrance hatch. It can be extended by three meters, making it possible to climb the pit even in a heavy snowfall. Double insulation provides extra safety for the power supply. The project included the installation of eight special pits on the glacier. Three of these were anchored firmly, while the remaining five are mobile designs for ease of transport and use. The glacier snow-making system is equipped with mobile and fixed TF10 fan guns and obtains its water from a natural reservoir. The project is the first of its kind in Italy, and confirms TechnoAlpin’s pride in being able to reward the trust of its clients with new projects involving unique applications.

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