TechnoAlpin Supports Reconstruction in Amatrice

In summer and autumn 2016, Central Italy was hit by several violent earthquakes. About 300 people lost their lives and innumerable houses were destroyed. TechnoAlpin has for several years donated its budget for Christmas gifts to worthy causes. In 2016, the company decided to contribute the money to a project in Amatrice in order to support the reconstruction of the earthquake region. Construction was able to start in spring after a long pause brought about by numerous aftershocks and heavy snowfall in winter. 

The donation from TechnoAlpin went to the “Villaggio Romeo” project undertaken on the initiative of the non-profit association 10 Agosto, and will mainly help groups in Villa San Lorenzo and Flaviano. The project sets out to erect 15 mobile homes and a community center to house several basic infrastructures. Unlike the government initiatives which have also been started, Villaggio Romeo does not provide accommodation for permanent residents but for families who have a second home in the area. For Amatrice and other towns these summer visitors have always been an integral part of the local economy. Most have spent their leisure time in the region for generations and have close links to the local population. Villaggio Romeo aims to rekindle relationships with these groups and restore the economic strength on which the surrounding area depends. The community center will also be a meeting place for all residents of the area.

The project will be inaugurated on August 10th, 2017, around one year after the earthquake of August 24th, 2016. Please visit the following website for more information about the project:

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