TechnoAlpin USA Inc. All Company Team Meeting.

The Denver headquarters of TechnoAlpin USA hosted our annual all-company meeting May 15th through May 19th.  The first 8 hour day was devoted to safety.  Our safety consultant, Lancaster Safety, covered a wide variety of topics including many aspects of OSHA compliance.  The second half of the day was more focused on risks and safety unique to our business.  Our service techs and sales people basically work at ski resorts, in the mountains and much of the time, in winter.  That presents a difference set of risks than say, working in an office or in our warehouse.

We spent an afternoon in a Team building exercise that was preceded by a fabulous Bar B Q lunch in downtown Denver.  Then we split into two groups and went next door to a pair of “Escape Rooms”.  It’s where 10 people are locked in a room that has nested clues and puzzles that need to be solved in order to hopefully, find a single last clue that tells you how to escape before zombies over run the room, in exactly one hour.  We made a lot of progress with everyone contributing, some were better at solving puzzles than others, but eventually everybody in both our groups were killed at the end of the hour.  Eventually we split the teams into Sales and Service and each group focused on issues and opportunities unique to each team.  A great and productive 5 days.

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