TF10 Piano – energy conservation on the quiet

High snow output, wide projection range, low volume and very sparing with energy – these are the outstanding features of the TF10 Piano. With 24 Quadrijet nozzles and eight nucleators, the TF10 is the most powerful snow gun on the market. The use of a frequency converter allows the selection of a quiet partial-load mode on the TF10 Piano model during the night when noise levels can be problematic. The large projection range and wide area coverage of the TF10 are maintained. In this way, the TF10 Piano combines the efficiency of the TF10 with even lower noise emissions. The integrated rotating mechanism has an automatic pivoting angle of 180° degrees , allowing the snow to be distributed over a wide area and thereby significantly reducing the amount of slope preparation and snow grooming work.

More snow – same energy consumption

A new sound insulation cladding absorbs the noise made by the turbine. The oil-free compressor has modified air filters which reduce the noise level further. In particularly sensitive areas, the TF10 Piano can be operated in partial-load mode thanks to an inverter integrated in the electric cabinet. The motor speed is then reduced from 1460 rpm to 1170 rpm. Not only does the snow gun run more quietly in this mode but it also uses less energy . This means that more machines can be operated at the same time in the ski resort without increasing the total energy consumption or the machines can be run in partial-load mode in case of supply shortages. So, in addition to its low noise emission and high output, the TF10 Piano also boasts the advantage of lower energy consumption in "quiet mode".

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