The best performance of ATASSplus

The new ATASSplus update will be out in spring 2019, bringing changes which are not all visible but which are clearly noticeable.

Everything the same and yet completely different: the ATASSplus 2019 update makes the familiar better. Numerous background improvements guarantee the best control of your system. Noticeably faster. Significantly clearer. Intuitively better. 

The best memory of all time

ATASSplus is your memory of the future. For each component of the snowmaking system, whether snow producer, pump or valve, ATASSplus now stores the entire notification history in the respective device. Therefore, any information, warning or error message can also be retrieved in the future. If, for example, there are problems with a snow producer from another supplier this season, you no longer have to make a note of this, but you can look it up on the machine readout at the end of the season at your convenience. 

No more scraps of paper with notes on

You will always have these notes at hand – and everyone will be able to access them in ATASSplus. TechnoAlpin has introduced the notes function in ATASSplus in the 2019 update. You can write notes in the map view, add instructions for snow producers, or write down everything necessary in the pump station view. Pieces of information will no longer be lost now that they are written in digital notes.

Details in large format

The control and monitoring of snowmaking systems is now even easier. ATASSplus is also available on your tablet with the 2019 update. A clearer map view, detailed flow diagrams, extensive information on your snow producers – all the advantages of ATASSplus 

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