The best performances with the TL6

Because snow production is so critical to the successful snow business of ski resorts, TechnoAlpin strives to offer the best snowmaking products to its customers. The know-how of the R&D and Engeering teams of TechnoAlpin allow to develop the most advanced machines, whether dealing with fan guns or lances.

And the TL6 lance is no exception to this rule: this lance delivers great performances and bring snow production standards to the next level. Indeed, higher energy efficiency, improved performances, advanced operational safety features are among the innovations boasted by the TL6.

Mechanically smart head

The smart design of the TL6 head with a total of 4 rings enables to reach 6 different flow combinations, allowing in particular starting up earlier in marginal temperature. This is possible thanks to an innovative mechanical control of the nozzle combinations: The opening, closing of the nozzles and the regulation of the flow combinations are provided by a single 24V gear motor housed in the head of the lance.

The 2017 standard release of the TL6 comes with three nozzles with ceramic inserts on each ring! The ceramic inserts, which are resistant to wear, ensure a significant service life for the lance’s nozzles. This will be the case, for example, even in the presence of aggressive water, such as water from glaciers. This will preserve the mechanical integrity of the nozzles and thus guarantee an optimum and constant snow quality season after season.

Optimized production for marginal conditions

Thanks to the nozzles configuration and the flow combinaison management, the lance’s production performances in marginal as well as cold temperatures, both in terms of snow quantity and quality, is highly efficient. This is particularly true for the quality of the snow produced by the TL6 in marginal conditions. This is the type of quality that ski resort operators expect in order to be able to prepare the slopes in the best way possible and to offer optimum snow conditions to their guests.

In addition, the nozzles' configuration of the lance makes it also more efficient when the operating pressures in the water pipes are low. Last but not least, the air comsumption of the TL6’s nucleators is reduced which further increases the performance of the snow gun.

Once again, the goal is to adapt to different operating conditions and be more efficient across the board. Given the adverse climatic conditions that ski resort operators have experienced in recent years, particularly early in the winter season, this snow gun will give an important advantage for optimizing the snow production. With advanced tools like the TL6, TechnoAlpin is proud to contribute to the successful preparation of slopes of ski resorts.

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