The largest indoor ski center in the south of China opens its doors

As a worldwide leader in innovation, TechnoAlpin is keen to share its enthusiasm for optimum snow with all people. This is why the company developed the S6 snow making system which meets the particular demands in indoor snowmaking applications. This technology is also used to make the snow at Sunac Snow Park in Guangzhou which recently opened its doors.

Sunac Snow Park is the largest indoor ski center in the south of China and is one of several indoor theme parks in a new complex also featuring water amusement parks and other attractions. The hall boasts an incredible 75,000 m² of surface area, 56,000 m² of which are covered with snow. With four slopes and a total length of about 900 meters, the indoor ski center is one of the largest in the world and is the first to install a gondola lift system in an indoor setting. The ski center is designed to take 3,000 visitors at a time and expects to receive up to 20 million people per year. 

Groundbreaking technology for indoor snowmaking systems

TechnoAlpin kitted out the hall with all the equipment needed for snowmaking. The S6 snow making system is used for indoor ski centers at temperatures below freezing. It was developed for indoors and produces dry powder snow, allowing dry conditions and a pleasant inside temperature in the hall. The system even makes it possible to produce snow at -2°C, regardless of the atmospheric humidity. This is achieved by a cold airstream produced by the machine itself, causing snow particles to freeze and spread immediately to provide ideal ground coverage.

China is already gearing up for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Numerous initiatives aimed at encouraging the population to do winter sports are supported by the government. Many new ski resorts are currently being developed throughout the country, with indoor ski centers also being built in the regions which get little snowfall. Similar to strategies adopted in the European lowlands, the indoor ski centers will be used to learn the basics before visiting ski resorts further afield.

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