The revolution is here!

The optimization of existing solutions and the development of new solutions for snowmaking are a central aspect of company life at TechnoAlpin. The TR8 fan gun is the latest result of the painstaking research and development work at TechnoAlpin.

The continuous improvement of its snow guns keeps TechnoAlpin at the cutting edge of worldwide innovation. This perpetual optimization process enables TechnoAlpin to offer the most advanced snowmaking products and to guarantee its customers top snow quality. The development of new operating mechanisms and the simplification of maintenance processes make the TR8 a revolutionary product on the snowmaking market. It enables the production of snow of optimum quality in a wide range of conditions and guarantees supreme efficiency at all levels. The main aim is always to simplify the work of the snowmaking operations teams.

Innovative functions and advanced servicing

The new streamlined design is an immediate eye-catcher. Its usability is enhanced by the integration of the meteo station, the LED working lights and the LED warning lamp in the turbine enclosure. There are no protruding parts, greatly reducing the problem of snow deposits.

The real revolution is concealed behind the turbine housing, however, where the fan and compressor are driven by just one electric motor for the first time on a snow gun. The rotary screw compressor is oil-free and, because of its uniform compressed-air outlet, it weighs less and is easier to service. Thanks to its permanent magnet motor with inverter, the TR8 also achieves IE4 mechanical efficiency. Although the TR8 consumes the same amount of current as the predecessor model, the T40, it can be operated across an extremely wide voltage range and boasts greatly improved air output. The motor is always working at maximum efficiency.

Thanks to the low rotational speed and an internal turbine motor, the TR8 boasts impressively low noise emissions and low sensitivity to vibrations. The compressed air cooling system has also been simplified. Cooling in the water circuit of the valve block guarantees that the air is at the optimum temperature meaning that there is no longer any need to alternate between the cooling-on and cooling-off settings. Its low dimensions and light weight also make the TR8 very stable and easy to use.

The ease of maintenance of the TR8 is revolutionized by the new side panel that opens upward, enabling instant access to all the main components and easy removal of the front ring with a few simple hand movements. Like all TechnoAlpin snow guns, the TR8 also comes with quadrijet ceramic nozzles and wedge wire water filter for simple maintenance teamed with optimum quality and efficiency.

In launching the new TR8 fan gun, TechnoAlpin is once again proving that it is at the cutting edge of worldwide innovation in the snowmaking market. For more information please visit the new TR8 web page where you can find out about the many advantages and new functions of the fan gun and read the full story of the development of the TR8. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to get a close-up view of the TR8 at the Interalpin trade fair. The trade fair is scheduled to be held in Innsbruck from April 26 to 28, 2017. Visit us in Hall A/Stand 20. We look forward to meeting you!

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