The snow season in the southern hemisphere has started!

Ski resorts in many places in the southern hemisphere have been preparing for the winter season in recent weeks. Snowmaking systems are running at full speed, and snowmaking teams and technicians are working around the clock to offer visitors the best possible technical snow on the opening day.

In Australia the peak production time for the snowmaking systems starts soon. Websites featured a countdown to the opening as people eagerly await the start of the new winter season. This year saw the acquisition of a new customer, Mt Baw Baw, and the resort opted for a Snowfactory SF100 and called it a "game-changer". The ski resort was therefore able to open on time with fresh snow.

The Happy Valley and Rock Garden facilities at the Whakapapa ski resort (New Zealand) were already able to open last weekend and counted over 2,000 visitors. For Rock Garden this was the earliest start to the season in 35 years – the entire facility was covered with snow with TF10 fan guns and a Snowfactory.

Valle Nevado, one of the largest ski resorts in the southern hemisphere, built a fully automated snowmaking system in 2016 which is scheduled for further expansion in 2018. A reservoir is to provide the water both for drinking and for the snowmaking in the ski resort.

Here are the first few pictures of the snowmaking operations. 

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