The Steamboat NSAA Show

The Steamboat Colorado NSAA Winter Tradeshow was well attended with a very upbeat crowd having just come off two huge snowfall weeks in the west. TechnoAlpin showcased our new TR8 gun, which was well received at the tradeshow and TechnoAlpin took notice to the crowd’s interest. It is a gorgeous gun. If TechnoAlpin thought our original guns were Ferrari staus amongst pickup trucks, the TR8 would be in comparison to that of a Lamborghini.

We did an arrival day program entitled “An Insider’s Look at Automated Snowmaking”. TechnoAlpin was very pleased with the turn out being about 20 people in attendance considering this fell on the day after Martin Luther King weekend, one of our biggest mid-winter holidays.  Although 90% of snowmaking systems outside of North America are automated, only a small percentage of those in North America are fully automated in the true, process controlled sense of the word. Many resort operators have never ventured outside their silos to experience what it’s like to manage snowmaking from the “Bridge of the Starship Enterprise”. Hopefully, we’ve caught the attention of a few prospects.

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