The TF10 manual

After two years of development, countless tests and innumerable trials, the time has finally come for TechnoAlpin to launch the new manual TF10 fan gun. With 24 Quadrijet nozzles and eight nucleators , the manual TF10 is one of the most powerful snow guns on the market. It has amazing projection capability and distributes the snow over a large area. Moreover, the quality of the snow is consistent over the entire area. The slope preparation time is also significantly reduced. There are 16 control settings which allow for tip-top snow even in changeable external conditions.

Hand-operated yet high-tech

The new manual controls are revolutionary. They are no longer on the nozzle ring or valve block. The nozzles on the manual TF10 can simply be enabled or disabled on the display. The manual TF10 comes with a temperature sensor as standard with the facility of on-screen readouts. Needless to say, these manual snow guns also boast high-quality materials. Quadrijet nozzles with ceramic inserts and oil-free 4 kW compressor are likewise all part of the package, as is the seamless WEDGE WIRE water filter. The Premium version also comes with the added facility of displaying status and fault messages as well as parameters like air temperature. The snow quality can also be entered and the software will then calculate the optimum setting according to the prevailing conditions. The manual TF10 can be rotated 360° and has an automatic rotation angle of up to 180°. Therefore the snow lands where it is needed. The central water connection at the lowest point of the snow gun is fitted with a discharge mechanism.

Pleasant frequency

The increased snow output is certainly not the only advantage of the manual TF10. The new turbine with internal motor running at 1500 rpm makes the machine insensitive to vibrations and significantly reduces the noise emissions. The lower frequency of the manual TF10 also means it has a much more pleasant sound. The main units, such as the motor, compressor, electric cabinet and valve block, have been cleverly arranged around the center line, and the center of gravity has been lowered, further increasing the machine's maneuverability and balance. The TF10 constitutes an excellent combination of proven components and a completely new approach to manual snow-making therefore TechnoAlpin is once again setting standards in snow-making technology.

123 TF10 guns sold in Wanlong Ski Resort (China)

The ski resort of Wanlong in China has instructed TechnoAlpin to install 123x TF10 manual snow guns. The ski resort of Wanlong has always been regarded as a driver of innovation in the sector in the Chinese market and is a strategic business partner for TechnoAlpin in Asia. There are also plans for the installation of 6x TF10 manual in the ski resort of Baoqing (province of Heilongjiang) in order to guarantee the required snow cover in future.  

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