TL6 3N - Excellent performances for the new lance

The new TL6 3N lance from TechnoAlpin, released on the market for the last season, has been received very favorably by ski resort operators who have used it this winter. The TL6 3N, a variant of the TL6, has a third nozzle with ceramic inserts for each ring! The objective behind this technical evolution was to go further in the efficiency and performance of the snow gun.

The ceramic inserts, which are resistant to wear, ensure a significant service life for the lance’s nozzles. This will be the case, for example, even in the presence of aggressive water, such as water from glaciers. This will preserve the mechanical integrity of the nozzles and thus guarantee an optimum and constant snow quality season after season.


Optimized marginal temperature production

In addition, the 3rd nozzle for each ring increases the snow gun's performance for production in marginal temperatures, both in terms of snow quantity and quality; Production features always promoted by TechnoAlpin, especially in terms of snow quality.

Given the difficult climatic conditions that ski resort operators have experienced in recent seasons, this will give an important advantage for optimizing snow production, especially at the beginning of the production season. In addition, this 3rd nozzle makes the snow guns also more efficient when the operating pressures in the water pipes are low. Once again, it is a matter of adapting to different operating scenarios and be more efficient.

These new features on the TL6 3N comes on top of the innovations already introduced with the TL6: 4 rings which offer 6 different flow rate combinations. With these six possible combinations and the third nozzle, the TL6 3N covers a much larger production range than other lnces on the market! Or, the nucleator of the lance characterized by a very low air consumption, making the TL6 3N great energy performer.

And ski resort operators made no mistake about the new lances and the feedback from the field are very positive, like the ski resort of Sainte Foy Tarentaise (France), where Cédric Bonnevie, the resort manager, reports a "very good experience with the TL6 3N, our lances have been installed on the lower part of the slopes, where they offered a very good flow in marginal temperature with a good quality of snow."

And this is TechnoAlpin's goal with this new snow gun: to be able to offer ski area operators the most advanced tools to produce snow in the most efficient way possible, whatever the operating conditions, while preserving a good capacity to control the use of resources, especially energy!

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