Top quality as standard for all snow-making systems

TechnoAlpin plans and manufactures turn-key snow-making systems all over the world. An efficient snow-making system is the basis for successful winter tourism. The dimensions must therefore be matched to the requirements and conditions. It follows that customized and proactive planning is a prerequisite for business success.

A perfectly harmonized system calls for efficient and powerful snow guns, lifts and towers, pumps, cooling towers and pipelines. The operation of all components, without exception, must be guaranteed so that the snow-making is the best it can be. Through its workshop at the TechnoAlpin headquarters in Bolzano, the company can guarantee top quality in system design, project management and the products themselves. The pre-assembly jobs and the welding for the systems also account for another very large proportion of the work done in the workshop. 

TechnoAlpin has strict quality assurance requirements when it comes to welding. This guarantees that all components in a system can deliver reliable snow coverage. For this reason, all welding work is carried out according to ISO standard 3834-2. The pre-welding work as well as our internal quality controls ensure this standard is maintained.

The confidence customers have in TechnoAlpin is based on the standardization of all work. This is the only way to achieve a 100% quality guarantee. TechnoAlpin is proud to maintain its standards both with welding in the welding workshop and also with any further welding at the construction site. They are the standards for all snow-making systems that TechnoAlpin plans and manufactures. This ensures the reliability of the systems and confirms the leading position of TechnoAlpin. 

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