Top quality for TechnoAlpin welding jobs

The quality of the solutions and products offered to its customers has always been of the utmost importance for TechnoAlpin. As the technological leader in the snowmaking market, TechnoAlpin has set for all the equipment manufactured and sold very high and demanding standards: Top quality and reliability are at the center of the industrial strategy of TechnoAlpin.

From the design of the smallest part, the selection of components, to the construction of larger metal structures for snow producers or pre-assembly of piping of pump stations, every steps of the manufacturing process must meet the quality assurance requirements that allow offering the best products to the ski area operators who are relying on TechnoAlpin for their snow production.

This is particularly the case at the Welding shop, the internal metalwork division of TechnoAlpin. This department is in charge of building the lifts, arms, towers and undercarriage for the snow producers, as well as preparing the pre-assembly for pump station piping. In order to ensure that all the parts manufactured by the shop meet the quality requirements, the Welding center is certified for the ISO 3834-2 standards, that defines comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

All the welding done in the center is subject to strict quality control. To go further, a certain percentage of the parts must undergo non-destructive radiography and ultrasonic testing. With several kilometers of pure welding work per year, this ensures that all the quality standards are met and that the customers are supplied with the highest quality products.

When it comes to pre-assembly of pump station piping, one of the key advantages is to be able to prepare in the shop, with state-of-the-art equipment and a perfect working environment, the parts that will be ship on site for final assembly. This allows to gain time on site and further reduce the issues related to working in sometime difficult conditions and contributes largely to the efficiency of the project management and the long-term reliability of the installation. Because this is the ultimate goal of TechnoAlpin: A highly satisfied customer who will be able to make the perfect snow, season after season.

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