Top snow quality and strong performance: the snow guns made by TechnoAlpin

The 2016/17 winter season is just around the corner. At the start of the 2015/16 season last year, the ski resort operators were confronted with challenges like atmospheric inversions and borderline temperatures. In spite of the poor weather conditions, however, most of the ski resorts with TechnoAlpin snow-making systems were able to open their slopes on time. Some regions in the Alps had to wait until the beginning of January for the first natural snowfall and yet, nevertheless, it was one of the most successful winter seasons for some resorts. Ever since TechnoAlpin started up in 1990, the company has invested heavily – because of its location south of the Alps – in snow-making technologies for borderline temperatures. That is why TechnoAlpin products are especially efficient when it comes to producing top-quality snow, even at marginal temperatures and in challenging weather conditions. The TF10 fan gun put on a particularly impressive performance in snow production last season in difficult weather conditions. The World Cup opener was able to go ahead without a hitch in Sölden thanks to the TF10. The FIS officials tasked with checking the snow conditions for the World Cup confirmed that it was the best quality of snow for 10 years – and earlier than ever before. 

With 24 Quadrijet-type nozzles with ceramic inserts and eight nucleators, the TF10 is one of the most powerful machines on the market. It has a vast projection range and distributes the snow over a large area. The TF10 can be rotated 360° and has an automatic pivoting angle of up to 180°. Therefore the snow lands where it is needed. It has 16 control settings, guaranteeing consistently high snow quality and quantity, even at borderline temperatures. Thanks to the valve block, setting changes are autonomous and continuous. The components like the oil-free compressor and the seamless WEDGE WIRE water filter optimize the quality and lengthen the service life of the product. The central water connection at the lowest point of the snow gun is fitted with a discharge mechanism. A rolling program of research has enabled the energy consumption to be reduced by 30 % on average in the last 10 years with the TF10. In comparison with its predecessor, the TF10 has been shown to produce 30 % more snow with the same amount of energy. It is not only the low energy consumption of the TF10 which is very impressive but also its performance in borderline temperatures, as has been confirmed by the positive feedback of the customers. This is also reflected by the production of over 1,000 snow guns of this model in 2016 and in 2015. The TL6 is a snow lance that provides good snow coverage even at extremely marginal temperatures. Its state-of-the-art nucleators mean that energy consumption is low. Six control settings allow the TL6 to adapt perfectly to the extreme weather conditions in the mountains. Innovation and product optimization are always at the top of the TechnoAlpin agenda therefore the TL6 has been refined to a further stage of development as the TL6 3N. Another nozzle has been added to each ring on this model so now the water is distributed to three nozzles per ring which brings another improvement in the atomization. The nozzles on the TL6 3N are also fitted with wear-resistant ceramic inserts, thereby significantly lengthening the service life of the nozzles and further increasing the efficiency of the snow lance. The new configuration with three nozzles with ceramic inserts on each ring boosts the efficiency of the snow gun in the borderline temperature range – in terms of both quantity and quality. With six possible flow combinations and the optimum spray action and distribution of the water, the new TL6 3N boasts a far greater range and snow output than other lances. And one final outstanding point to note is the low air consumption levels of the nucleators on this lance which make the TL6 3N one of the most efficient lances on the market today. The high operating efficiency of the TechnoAlpin snow guns, especially in borderline temperatures, enables the ski resort operators to provide snow coverage on their slopes even in the toughest weather conditions. So let the 2016/17 winter season begin.

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