TR10: Innovation makes the difference

TechnoAlpin is at the leading edge of technical innovation in the snowmaking market and has been routinely redefining standards in snowmaking for 30 years through forward-looking innovation processes. The focus of the development work at TechnoAlpin is on guaranteeing top snow quality while at the same time optimizing the use of resources and maximizing the usability of the snow producers. The TR10 fan gun combines all of these criteria which is the peak of achievement and innovation excellence.

Every single part of the TR10 has been engineered with meticulous precision and is an outstanding product in its own right. The interaction of these components as a whole is sublime, surpassing the contributions of the individual parts and taking excellence to another level. 

With its completely new nozzle valve technology, the TR10 boasts an impressive track record combining unprecedented energy efficiency and conservation of resources – naturally with the guarantee of optimum snow output even in the marginal temperature range. The air cooler has been redesigned, providing the TR10 with a significantly higher cooling surface for impressive performance and unsurpassed snow output, especially in the limit temperature range. Ease of maintenance and operational reliability have also been improved with the TR10. For TechnoAlpin, simplifying the work of the snow teams is a central goal in its development work. Therefore, the TR10 has an automatic height adjustment mechanism which can be individually adapted and comes as standard on all the machines, whether mobile or permanently installed. With the largest touch display on the market, the TR10 boasts impressively high levels of usability, even in extreme situations.

Video Presentation

To learn more about the advantages of each new component, watch the videos on our Youtube channel. Product Manager Paolo Bagozzi and Area Manager Niklas Eisath explain the advantages of the individual components in short videos.  

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