Undeniable successes for the Snowfactory

The Snowfactory, developed and proposed by TechnoAlpin for a few years now, has become, over the seasons, a popular additional tool to conventional snowmaking installations, which is very useful for ski area operators. This technology makes it possible to overcome external constraints, chiefly the air temperature, to produce snow. Nordic ski center, sensitive slopes in medium and low altitude resorts: there are so many applications and the advantages for the ski area are real.

The Snowfactory will be able to ensure the production of a snow stock pile ahead of the season, when conventional snowmakers are unable potentially to make snow in the absence of cold temperature. This snow allows operators to prepare the base layer on the slopes, to ensure snow coverage on the base area or snow recreational grounds! The Snowfactory therefore provides an additional guarantee of being able to open the slopes first, at the beginning of the season, to satisfy winter sports lovers.

The growing success of Snowfactory is true in many countries. This is the case for example in France, where Châtel ski resort (Northen French Alps) has just acquired a second machine, a mobile SF100 model, after having invested in 2017 in a 1st model, that was named “Snow Farmer” specifically for the occasion. This second unit will be used to ensure the production of snow in the sector of “Super Châtel” and especially in an beginners and child play area! It is therefore a real operational safety tool for the young clientele of the resort that the ski resort operator has chosen.

For the year 2019, many other ski area operators have also decided to take the plunge and complete their existing snow production devices with Snowfactory, either mobile or stationary units. This is notably the case of ski resorts in Gleenshee (UK) with a double model SF210, Ski Apache (USA) with a mobile unit SF100 or Kurza Gora in Poland which has opted for two SF210 models in order to have a large production capacity!

Another striking example: In the Winterberg region (Germany), the nearby ski resorts of Winterberg Poppenberg and Skilift Klante are going to concentrate 5 large SF210 units. 3 have already been in place in Winterberg Poppenberg for a few seasons now and 2 new units will be commissioned in December in Klante.

TechnoAlpin is very proud, through its various technological solutions, of which the Snowfactory is one, to answer to the issues encountered by ski area operators with respect to their production of snow!

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