Valle Nevado: Cast-iron snow guarantee

Valle Nevado is one of the largest ski resorts in Chile and is located about an hour from the capital, Santiago de Chile. The resort is known for the quality of the snow on the ski slopes which extend over 900 hectares from an altitude of 2860 m above sea level to 3670 m above sea level on the summit Cima Tres Puntas.

Valle Nevado engaged the assistance of TechnoAlpin in order to guarantee high quality of snow on the ski slopes from the beginning of the season. The water for the snowmaking system is taken from Ballicas lake at an altitude of 3250 m above sea level. The length of the snowmaking network is currently being extended by about two kilometers with Alpinal ductile cast iron pipes, electric cables and data cables. A pump with an output of approximately 60 l/sec is also being installed which can pump water both to the upper area of the Cima Andes and to the lower area.

This will be the first system in South America with reservoir aeration. This lowers the average temperature of the reservoir water and allows snow production to begin earlier. The system includes 19 supply points with underground reinforced concrete pits and overground hydrants. There are plans for the installation of ten T40 type fan guns. These fan guns are ideal for the Valle Nevado ski slopes because they have the right handling for the conditions and boast high levels of efficiency even in borderline temperatures. The two snow guns planned for use on height-adjustable towers can also be used as mobile versions on an undercarriage with wheels so that the snow production operations can be moved to precisely where the snow is needed.

The project at a glance:

  • 2 km of underground snow-making network
  • HP pump outputting approx. 60 l/sec - 315 kW
  • Submerged pump outputting approx. 42 l/sec - 75kW
  • Reservoir air compressor, 22 kW
  • 19x connection points for fan guns
  • 2x T40, lift-mounted
  • 3x T40, fixed tower-mounted installation
  • 5x T40 on mobile undercarriage
  • ATASSplus

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