Water cooling: All-terrain solution!

To ensure the best possible snow quality and efficient snow production, the temperature of the snowmaking water is a critical factor. Ensuring the optimum water temperature, particularly at the beginning of the season or when the outside temperature conditions are not the most favorable, significantly increases the performances of the snow guns and the energy efficiency of the snowmaking installation.

To control and adjust the temperature of the snowmaking water, TechnoAlpin has developed a wide range of cooling towers: CoolTech cooling towers. They are highly reliable and designed to operate in the most extreme conditions to supply water to the right temperature.

CoolTech products are primarily stationary installations, however, to provide even more flexibility for ski area operators, TechnoAlpin offers a mobile cooling tower model. When it is not possible or not necessary to build a stationary cooling unit, for small snowmaking systems for example, the mobile cooling tower offers the best possible compromise.

The CoolTech mobile tower is plug & play, as well as completely autonomous, since it embarks a submersible pump for its water supply and a high-pressure pump to feed the snow guns connected with the cooled down water.

This is the ideal solution when a ski area operator wishes to have additional snow production capacities on a sector that is not connected to the main snowmaking system, or for Nordic and cross-country skiing facilities, as it can be moved it as needed, and for the production of snow in for events or shows.

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