Weather station - Innovative measurement solution!

Beyond the performance of the snow guns, the measurement of weather conditions is also key factor for the success of snow production. Precise measurements contribute to strengthening the overall performance of snowmaking installations. They also make it possible to ensure that the control software has real-time data on the evolution of weather conditions and that the snow guns are always adjusted to the nearest of these conditions to optimize the snow production and reach the best quality.

True to its philosophy of constant innovation, TechnoAlpin is offering this year a new range of weather probes: the TA200, TA400 and TA600. The different models measure different parameters and they combine with each other to offer additional features to the operators of the snowmaking installations:

  • The TA200 measures the speed and direction of the wind. For these two parameters, the TA200 uses an innovative technology, since it is fitted with the latest-generation ultrasound probe, so there is no moving element as on conventional anemometers, which increased it reliability;
  • The TA400 measures the parameters of temperature, hygrometry and atmospheric pressure. It is equipped also with an additional device to measure the quantity, intensity and type of precipitation (snow or rain);
  • Finally, the TA600 is much more than just a probe, since it combines the TA200 and TA400 features to create a real weather station. The TA600, in addition to the conventional parameters, such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, measures also the quantity, intensity and type of precipitation, as well as wind speed and direction;

In order to guarantee the accuracy and reliability over time of the measurements, the TechnoAlpin development teams wanted to use advanced technologies for this new range of weather stations: NTC temperature sensor, capacitive humidity sensor, 24GH Doppler radar for the precipitation measurements, ultrasonic sensor for wind measurements

To go one step further in the decision aid process and the snow production data management, the TA400 and TA600 can be fitted with a snow depth sensor, the SHM31. It uses a high precision optoelectronic laser distance sensor. Knowing the snow depth is a valuable data that will help operators and snowmaking crews making decision when it comes to assessing the status of their production of snow.

The TA200, TA400 and TA600 are compatible with the 2017 versions of ATASSPlus and Liberty.

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