With the license to make snow: TR10 “007 ELEMENTS” edition

TechnoAlpin, the world leader in the snowmaking market, produces about 2,500-3,000 fan guns every year in its factory in Bolzano (Italy). Each year, when the company reaches the milestone of producing the 1,000th snow gun of the year, it comes up with a special design to mark the occasion and ceremoniously hands over the snow gun to a ski resort. The Austrian ski resort of Sölden was presented with the 1,000th snow gun of 2019. The golden “007 ELEMENTS” design was chosen for the snow gun in keeping with the James Bond cinematic installation theme.

The Ski World Cup kick-off event in Sölden on October 25, 2019 was the perfect occasion for the official handover of the fan gun, with TechnoAlpin CEO Erich Gummerer and ski resort director Jack Falkner both present for the opening. The ceremony was, of course, held at the top station of the Gaislachkoglbahn gondola where the ice Q restaurant is located. The restaurant served as the backdrop for the James Bond movie Spectre and is located right next to the James Bond cinematic installation 007 ELEMENTS. “We have a long-standing partnership with Sölden. The ski resort has relied on TechnoAlpin know-how since the beginning,” said Erich Gummerer, CEO of TechnoAlpin. “Sölden shows that the winter experience can be perfected through ongoing investment. There is plenty to do for winter sports enthusiasts in Sölden, both on and off the slopes. We are proud to be able to contribute to the success of Sölden.”

Maximizing power on the slopes

The ski resort boosted the output of its snowmaking system in 2019 with various additions, including 12 new TR10 fan guns. The latest snow gun model was only launched by TechnoAlpin in April, but is already regarded as the revolutionary successor to the popular TF10. 

The TR10 fan gun combines the guarantee of top-quality snow with the optimum use of resources and supreme usability to push through to the very height of excellence and peak of achievement. Every single part of the TR10 has been engineered with meticulous precision and is an outstanding product in its own right. With its completely new nozzle valve technology, the TR10 boasts unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, naturally, with the guarantee of optimum snow output, even at borderline temperatures. The air cooler has been redesigned, providing the TR10 with a significantly higher cooling surface for impressive performance and unsurpassed snow output, especially in the limit temperature range. Ease of maintenance and operational reliability have also been improved in the TR10. For TechnoAlpin, simplifying the work of the snow teams is a central goal in its development work. Therefore, the TR10 has an automatic height adjustment mechanism that can be individually adapted and comes standard on all the machines, whether mobile or permanently installed. With the largest touch display on the market, the TR10 is exceptionally user friendly, even in extreme situations.

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