Customers’ feedback – the key to greater satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the essential cornerstones of TechnoAlpin’s philosophy and action. Indeed, TechnoAlpin always paid great attention in listening to its customers and looked to establishing strong relationship with them. This is the foundation of the continuous improvement that TechnoAlpin has implemented for many years! TechnoAlpin conducts regularly surveys to measure the satisfaction level of its customers, on products, software and service topics, as well as on organizational aspects such as project management or dissemination of information and communication: The results give a wealth of information to go further in increasing the customer satisfaction level. The 2016 survey, conducted online, was a great success among all customers of the TechnoAlpin group, since nearly 350 people responded, from the world over! This survey gave the opportunity to reward participants through a draw. 3 respondents were selected among the respondents. TechnoAlpin is proud to release the names of the 3 winners: - Mr. Herbert Hohenegger, Schöneben – Italy; - Mr. Arnold Poltera, Savognin – Switzerland; - Mr. Dag Tjernberg, Are –Sweden;


These lucky gentlemen will receive each one a prize. While these are small prizes, beyond the symbol TechnoAlpin wants to thank its partners-customers. Indeed their opinion is highly valuable and their input contributes to the continuing success of TechnoAlpin, at the service of ski area operators. One of the interesting findings of the 2016 survey is the very strong interest of customers in building long-term partnerships with their suppliers. For TechnoAlpin, this reinforces the motivation to continue cultivating the relations we have built over the years with many ski resorts operators who have given us their trust for their snowmaking installations. Another interesting finding of the survey is the importance of releasing new products and innovations: A field in which TechnoAlpin has demonstrated its know-how: TF10, TL6, Snowfactory, Weather Forecast application… all these products are full of innovative features that help making the life of operators much easier when it comes to snow production, for higher energy efficiency, for greater production performances, for increased anticipation capacities etc. And behind TechnoAlpin customers’ success stories, to which we are proud to contribute too, one of the driving forces is the feedback we get from the field. This is a highly valuable asset for our team (Engineering, Sales, Contract Management, Service…): This allows us always taking into account our customers’ needs and inputs. That way, we can address their issues through the introduction of organizational changes, new product and service innovations!

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