World market leaders organize networking trip

Local conditions, such as altitude, climate, terrain profile, water resources and many other factors, make every ski resort an entirely unique challenge. TechnoAlpin, Kässbohrer and Doppelmayr joined forces and invited their customers on a fact-finding field trip. 

Flagship destination of Sochi

Ski resort operators from Italy met in Sochi in mid-March to compare notes.
Sochi is not only the name of the well-known spa town on the Black Sea, but also of the entire district, which extends over 100 km along the coast and about 45 km inland. Geographically, Sochi is located in the Krasnodar region, near the border with Georgia. The district consists of around 80 villages with a total of 438,000 inhabitants. The largest city, with 133,000 inhabitants, is Sochi Centre, the well-known health resort on the coast. The spa town on the Black Sea and the district of the same name hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014. The winter destination of Krasnaya Polyana is situated 40 km from the coast and is also known as “Russian Switzerland” because of the lake and mountain scenery. Krasnaya Polyana has been developed into an exclusive winter sports resort in recent years with investments running into the billions. The Olympic snow sports events were held here. The resort comprises four ski areas by the names of Rosa Khutor, Laura Psekhako Ridge Gazprom, Alpika Service and Gornaya Karusel. Here, the visitors listened to a short report on the Olympic Games and learned some interesting facts about the ski resorts in the region. The ski resorts of Laura Psekhako and Alpika Service belong to the Gazprom Group. There has also been a railway connecting the two ski resorts since 2017, thereby forming the Gazprom Mountain Resort. With 77 km of slopes and 25 lifts, Rosa Khutor is the largest ski resort in the region. It extends from 940 m to 2320 m and was the venue for the downhill events at the 2014 Olympic Games.
The visit also included a trip to the Olympic Park, which is home to the Olympic Stadium, the Medals Plaza and the Sochi Autodrom.

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