Guaranteed ice-free snow. Optimum usability.

The outstanding feature of the TechnoAlpin V series of snow lances is their round head with its optimized ratio of interior to exterior surface. A honeycomb-type system enables a special heat transfer system which keeps the lance head free of ice in conjunction with countersunk aluminum nozzles, even in adverse weather conditions.

The V3 snow lance has four control settings and therefore produces top quality snow, both at borderline temperatures and at low temperatures. Manual and automatic versions of the snow lance are available. The overground valve block on the lance pipe and the lightweight construction with plug-in connectors greatly enhance its usability.

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Pictures & brochures

Technical components

Lance head

The dimensions and external surface of the lance head have been reduced while the internal surface has been enlarged. This has improved the heat transfer from the inside to the outside. Flush-mounted anodized aluminum nozzles further increase the heat transfer to the nozzle shaft.

Other outstanding features of the lance head include the optimized arrangement of the switchable nozzles and the enlarged opening angle between the nucleators. Snow output has improved as a result of these modifications.

Lance bracket

The robust mechanical bracket is made of galvanized steel to guarantee added stability and has plug-in connectors for easy installation. The height of the lance is adjusted by means of the hydraulic lifting cylinder. The electric switchboard is compact and easy to access.

Oil-free compressor

The snow guns produced by TechnoAlpin are fitted with an aluminum oil-free piston compressor with integrated cooling circuit. This system has been in use since 1999, allowing the snow guns to be positioned at any angle. The oil-free compressors made by Kaeser are also very environmentally friendly and ensure that no oil escapes into the environment through the snow production process. They operate at the same flow rate and yet they use less energy and do not need to be serviced annually. With no oil filters, trap cartridges, oil level monitors and stationary heating installations, this all adds up to a reduction in the annual running costs of a snowmaking system.

Valve technology

The automatic YB valve of pressure class PN100 regulates the water pressure, water flow and airflow for the lances. The opening and closing cycle includes water and air discharge. The valve has a patented closing mechanism which guarantees automatic closure in the event of a power failure.

Valve block

One outstanding feature of the overground valve block is its excellent accessibility allowing rapid and simple cleaning of the filter and drains without having to climb down into the pit. Water and air can be connected easily without the risk of confusion, as the Camlock couplings are different sizes.

Water filter

The water filter with seamless WEDGE WIRE filter insert made of nickel chromium steel guarantees fault-free operation, simple cleaning and long service life.

Meteo station

Up-to-date weather information is needed so that the snow gun parameters can be adjusted to the prevailing conditions for optimum performance. The current air temperature and relative humidity are therefore always measured and processed in the meteo station. It is also possible to install sensors to measure the wind direction, wind speed and snow depth.

Plug-in base

The simple and sturdy plug-in connection of the mechanical bracket makes it quick and efficient to fit on initial installation and just as easy to dismantle. The plug-in base has a double hole pattern and a flat base, and is therefore suitable for various pit and concrete foundations.

Mobility & versatility

Mobile stand

TechnoAlpin also makes lances on mobile undercarriages. These are particularly suitable for demonstrations. Mobile lances are also useful for finding out the optimum lance position. The lances can be positioned and tested in different locations.

Facts & figures



Mechanical assembly
242 lb 8 oz
Support lance pipe
74 lb 15 oz
Electric cabinet
55 lb 2 oz
Compressor complete
187 lb 6 oz
Lance pipe 6m with head and VBOF
119 lb 1 oz
Lance pipe 9m with head and VBOF
149 lb 15 oz


Water pressure
Water pressure
Water filter

Nozzle configuration

Fixed nozzles
Switchable nozzles
Adjustable steps
Subject to technical changes.
The figures are subject to changes based on the type of plant and/or country of installation (always refer to the wiring diagrams).
Data collected at 820 ft above the sea level.