Individual pits for maximum snow gun stability

The TechnoAlpin pits allow for the installation of all the electrical and hydraulic components for connection to the water, air, power and data network of a snowmaking system. They also serve as a foundation and provide maximum stability and a firm footing for the supports and snow guns.

TechnoAlpin supplies both concrete pits and PE pits. Each individual pit is designed on the basis of a careful analysis of the site conditions so that it can be perfectly suited to the local requirements.

PE pit

TechnoAlpin uses only high-quality materials to build its PE pits which is why, despite their low weight, they boast very high stability and allows them to be transported by helicopter. PE pits also boast very short installation times on account of their very simple assembly. The pit heating and lighting provide good working conditions and enable problem-free snowmaking operations.

Concrete pit

Pits made of concrete offer reliable protection for snow pit equipment against ground pressure and the risk of landslides. Therefore this is the optimum foundation for fixed snow gun installations. Like PE pits, concrete pits can be taylor-made to adjust to all terrain features, and a heating system prevents freezing inside the pit.