Custom-designed snowmaking systems for optimum efficiency

TechnoAlpin is convinced that a perfectly coordinated design is the foundation for energy-efficient snowmaking operations. The specific requirements are identified with the relevant ski resort in order to tailor the design accordingly and provide a system of the correct dimension. The aim is always to provide basic snow coverage within 72 hours in order to best exploit windows of opportunity for snow production and to optimize the use of available resources.

TechnoAlpin supplies a broad range of fan guns and snow lances on various applications. When planning the system, it is therefore possible to select the optimum snow gun for the terrain and geographical conditions.

Made-to-Measure Designs

The various departments work in close cooperation on the design specification of each individual snowmaking system, selecting the technical, hydraulic and electrical components for the entire system. A master plan of the entire snowmaking system is drawn up on the basis of the information by the technical drawing team. Field installations, machine rooms and snowmaking components are listed in these masterplans in precise detail.

A TechnoAlpin project manager is assigned to each project and is responsible for planning and controlling the project operations. The project manager is the main contact person for the customer once an order has been placed. The project manager draws up purchase order lists and oversees the progress of the construction work, working closely with the logistics department in order to coordinate the delivery of the components.