Rubis Evo: Maximum production. Optimum use of resources.

The Rubis Evolution snow lance is designed for high performance in a wide and diverse range of operating conditions. The snow lance guarantees maximum snow output, both at limit temperatures as well as in extreme cold and at low pressure. The low air requirement offers a high degree of control over the energy consumption in new systems and enables the sustainable optimization of existing systems. The Rubis Evolution can also be used when the prevailing pressure is very high without having to compromise on quality.

There are four different models in the Rubis Evolution line in order to cover as wide a range of temperatures and terrain conditions as possible. They differ in terms of their control settings, air supply and field of application. All the models feature the advantages of the Rubis Evolution technology and adapt to the requirements specified by individual customers.

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Technical components
Mobility & versatility

Pictures & brochures

Technical components

Lance head

The special shape of the lance head on the Rubis Evolution minimizes its susceptibility to the wind and to ice formation. The narrow-angle jet is suitable for the production of snow on wide and narrow slopes. The machine is also very quiet and is well suited to slopes located near to residential areas.

Lance bracket

The robust mechanical bracket is made of galvanized steel to guarantee added stability and has plug-in connectors for easy installation. The height of the lance is adjusted by means of the hydraulic lifting cylinder. The electric switchboard is compact and easy to access.

Valve technology

The valve systems for the snow lances of the Rubis range vary depending on the model. They range from the TechnoAlpin on/off valve right through to the YB and YC valves which control the air and water pressure in the pit.

Mobility & versatility

Rubis Evo RA

The Rubis Evo RA is a stand-alone snow lance equipped with an on-board 4 kW compressor, an electric switchboard and a control unit. This snow lance is suitable for snow production on slopes without a central air supply system. With its automation panel, the Rubis Evo RA is always able to offer the best snow quality depending on the prevailing local weather conditions. The snow lance can also be integrated in automatic snow-making systems which are controlled by the Liberty software.

Rubis Evo VR

The Rubis VR is a manually adjustable snow lance for slopes with water lines and an air supply system. There is a VMR control valve at the base of the lance pipe offering four possible flow combinations to adapt the throughput to the weather conditions. The VMR valve can either be connected to the manual hydrants for water and air or to an ON/OFF valve for air and water supply.

Rubis SR

The Rubis SR is an ON/OFF-type snow lance with just one possible flow combination. It is referred to as a single ring snow lance. This snow lance can be operated with a manual hydrant (for water and air) or with an ON/OFF valve.

The Rubis SR is suitable for slope sections where the conditions are predominantly steady or where snow production is only occasionally needed. The Rubis SR is available with a lance pipe in lengths of 4 m, 6 m and 10 m.

Rubis WAY

The Rubis WAY is an ON/OFF snow lance with one single nozzle combination and fixed throughput. The nozzles and nucleators on the Rubis WAY are arranged vertically on the lance head. With its narrow-angle jet, this product in the Rubis range is particularly suitable for very narrow slopes.

This snow lance can be operated with a manual hydrant for air and water or with an ON/OFF valve. The Rubis SR is available with a lance pipe in lengths of 4 m and 6 m.