TL lance series: New dimension for snowmaking

The TL lance series offers a new dimension for snowmaking: maximum efficiency and precision control throughout the temperature curve! The models in this line of snow lances all operate on the same design principle. There are three different head fittings for the new universal pipe, allowing variations in the number of nozzle rings and resulting in the TL8 with 8 production steps, the TL4 with four and the TL2 with two steps.

Thanks to the versatility of the lance series and the different assembly combinations of nozzles and nucleators, for every location there is the right snow lance. The TL series, with TL8, TL4 and TL2, optimizes snowmaking sustainability whatever the conditions: marginal or colder temperatures.

Make the most of your lance. Take advantage of all temperatures.

One of the many innovations proposed by the TL lances resides in particular in the new and compact mechanism that controls the combinations of the rings of the lance: the Smart Distributor. The Smart Distributor is added directly under the head of the lance, acts as a valve block and allows you to open and close the nozzle rings. For instance, with the TL8 model, 8 different snow productions steps will be available, by combining the opening of the nozzles of each ring. Due to the multi-step design, it is possible to fine-tune the water flow rate of the snow gun as finely as possible, thereby maximizing the snow production under all temperature conditions. Therefore, the TL series will offer always optimal snow production, over the entire operating range.

Perfectly coordinated components

The lances in the TL series come standard with high-quality components, such as nozzles with ceramic inserts, oil-free compressors (the model without centralized air), seamless filters and nucleators with ruby inserts. The air consumption is controlled. Therefore, they produce an optimum mixture of air and water regardless of the water pressure. With these nucleators, the snow quality is optimal and consistent all along the slopes.

Due to its design and position directly under the lance head, the Smart Distributor also allows the small amount of residual water in the valve to be emptied into the snow jet using compressed air when the steps are switched. Thus, every drop of water is converted into snow.

Robust construction. Customizable as needed.

The TL lance heads are mounted on the new and light universal pipe designed by TechnoAlpin. The design allows all cables for the power supply of the valve block, as well as those of the lance head and the optional components to be routed inside it. This eliminates the need for protruding cable ducts on the lance tube and prevents ice from sticking, as well as making the installation much easier. The simple and sturdy support consists of a fixed column and a rotating column, which allows the lance to be infinitely adjusted horizontally. With the manual lifting cylinder mounted in a safe working position, the vertical inclination of the lance can also be easily adjusted. The drop height can be adjusted to the conditions and maintenance work can be carried out on the head.

Each of the three models in the TL lance series is available with centralized compressed air supply or with an integrated (oil-free) compressor for installation without centralized air. As an option, it can also be fitted with a meteo station, a LED head-light and a radio control kit for autonomous use.


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