TL4: Best snow quality even at marginal temperatures.

The TL4 from TechnoAlpin is based on the proven and tested for reliability,Rubis Evo and the inclusion of a third nozzle on each ring adds up to improved snow quality.

Fitted with ceramic nozzles and three EDA nucleators as standard, another outstanding feature of the TL4 is its controlled air consumption. The snow lance therefore guarantees an improvement in snow quality in the entire range of operation, especially in borderline temperatures, and even at low operating pressure.

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Technical components

Pictures & brochures

Technical components

Lance head

The shape of the head makes the TL4 less susceptible to wind and frost and allows snowmaking on narrow and wide slopes while keeping noise emissions low. This is a huge advantage on slopes near residential areas. The ceramic inserts in the wear-resistant nozzles also guarantee consistency of performance, enabling the production of snow of the highest quality season after season. The standard version of the TL4 is also joined by a model for warm climates so as to cater for varying local weather conditions.


Lance bracket

The robust mechanical bracket is made of galvanized steel to guarantee added stability and has plug-in connectors for easy installation. The height of the lance is adjusted by means of the hydraulic lifting cylinder. The electric switchboard is compact and easy to access.

Valve technology

The automatic YB valve of pressure class PN100 regulates the water pressure, water flow and airflow for the lances. The opening and closing cycle includes water and air discharge. The valve has a patented closing mechanism which guarantees automatic closure in the event of a power failure.

Valve block

One outstanding feature of the overground valve block is its excellent accessibility allowing rapid and simple cleaning of the filter and drains without having to climb down into the pit. Water and air can be connected easily without the risk of confusion, as the Camlock couplings are different sizes.

Plug-in base

The simple and sturdy plug-in connection of the mechanical bracket makes it quick and efficient to fit on initial installation and just as easy to dismantle. The plug-in base has a double hole pattern and a flat base, and is therefore suitable for various pit and concrete foundations.

Water filter

The water filter with seamless WEDGE WIRE filter insert made of nickel chromium steel guarantees fault-free operation, simple cleaning and long service life.