Snow guns for extensive snow coverage

The TechnoAlpin fan guns and snow cannons boast pioneering features which put them at the cutting edge of snowmaking. The fan guns work on the basis of innovative and efficient technologies as a result of painstaking research and development. The equipment includes ceramic Quadrijet nozzlesoil-free compressors and valve block filters. Fan blades have been aligned for optimum airflow, even in adverse weather conditions, in order to boost performance. Noise emissions are also reduced by this design.

Besides the production output, the emphasis is also on the energy efficiency of the snow guns. Good stewardship of the available resources is characteristic of the quality and sustainability of TechnoAlpin. The use of ceramic Quadrijet nozzles guarantees even atomization, for example, and reduces the amount of water required.

TechnoAlpin offers a wide selection of fan guns for varying demands and different types of terrain: The latest and most powerful snow guns are the TT10 and the TR10, followed by the TR8. All three models are impressive with their revolutionary drive technology. The powerful TF10 snow gun comes in a standard version and is also available as a reduced-noise model and in a manual version. TechnoAlpin developed the T40 to cater for demands for a compact snow gun which is most suitable for mobile use. TechnoAlpin also supplies the MMS which is a manually operated fan gun.

All fan guns are fitted as standard with an automatic rotation mechanism, enabling the snow to be distributed over a wide area if necessary and allowing a reduction in the time needed for slope preparation. The TechnoAlpin snow guns are also available in a large number of models which can be adapted to the varying demands and different types of terrain in the ski resorts. They can be mounted on liftstowers and arms as fixed installations or on undercarriages as mobile alternatives.

TF10 piano
TF10 manual