Precision control software for efficient snowmaking operations

Fully automatic and intelligent control of the snowmaking system is the basic prerequisite for energy-efficient snow production. Only with the aid of powerful control software is it possible to exploit the ever shorter windows when the temperature is at its optimum for making snow or to react to changes in the most efficient way. In ATASSplus and Liberty, TechnoAlpin supplies advanced technology for the straightforward and precise control of snowmaking systems.


The ATASSplus software from TechnoAlpin collects data from snow guns and meteo stations and optimizes snowmaking based on prevailing conditions. The use of resources is constantly monitored and evaluated and a sophisticated water and air management system provides substantial savings in resources.

Thanks to an area-wide overview of temperatures, ATASSplus makes energy-efficient snowmaking possible on individual slopes. Real-time statistics allow for continuous monitoring of water and energy usage and prevent the maximum available electricity demand from being exceeded. The simple data analysis allows snowmaking to be planned efficiently and precisely. ATASSplus also allows data to be analyzed, allowing you to react quickly to short-term conditions. The SnowManager in ATASSplus was designed so that the depth of snow is also shown in centimeters. This innovative feature allows the SnowManager to automatically calculate the remaining snow required for slopes using the minimum snow depth. Once this limit has been reached, the snowmaking team is informed and the snowmaking can be automatically stopped if needed. With the help of ATASSplus, it is therefore possible to avoid the production of excess snow and to limit the amount to the level which is actually required. This allows operating costs to be optimized and the entirety of the slopes to be snowed with consistently high-quality snow, which saves resources and protects the environment.

TechnoAlpin’s software is constantly updated and optimized in close cooperation with ski resorts. The system guide is also continuously improved with new functions. The yearly ATASSplus updates make controlling a snowmaking system ever simpler.

Weather module

Thanks to a collaboration with Europe’s largest private weather service, MeteoGroup, the collected weather data is professionally analyzed and combined with meteorological models thanks to ATASSplus. This results in pinpoint and precise weather forecasts especially for the use of snow guns, even when there are temperature differences within the ski resort. The precise weather forecasts up to ten days in advance help plan the efficient use of resources.



The Liberty control software developed by TechnoAlpin offers a simple, flexible and reliable means of controlling snowmaking systems. It can easily be integrated in the computer operating system and includes numerous applications for the control of the entire snowmaking system.

TechnoAlpin guarantees individual control and optimum use of the available resources with the use of Liberty. The software is suitable for all systems and can precisely control all the components and required resources. The resources and the production are adjusted to the weather conditions in real time, therefore energy efficiency is built into the use of the snowmaking system.

All the operating parameters are saved and are used to compile statistics and graphs in order to achieve optimum results in terms of snow coverage. Liberty enables a full overview of all the measurements taken on the slopes and in the machine room and, in conjunction with a remote maintenance system, it enables precise monitoring of the system.