Optimum snowmaking – minimum use of resources

Better utilization of capacity, conservation of resources and increased efficiency – ski areas are achieving these goals with the unrivaled technology of TechnoAlpin. The world market leader is a pioneer on the snowmaking market not only because of its innovative snow guns, but also thanks to its intelligent software. ATASSplus is the ideal solution when it comes to planning snowmaking processes and controlling the system.

The use of new technologies and the continuous research in the conservation of resources allow ski areas to work much more efficiently today than was the case a few years ago, using far less energy and water to generate the necessary snow coverage. Modern, fully automatic snowmaking systems can use up to 30% less energy than manual systems. With the ATASSplus control system, the full potential of a system can be realized. Efficient resource management is the key to the optimum utilization of available capacities. The software supports the entire snowmaking process and includes several functions which help ski areas save resources and cut overhead. In addition to controlling the system, the main features include the display of all the relevant values and information on resource requirements and average temperature. The total consumption levels are combined with the current snow depths on the slope, enabling optimum resource management.

Snowmaking targets can be defined at the beginning of the season with the help of ATASSplus, and the progress being made towards achieving these targets can be monitored throughout the season. ATASSplus has an interface for this purpose that is compatible with all standard snow depth measurement systems. The snow depth measurement data is transferred to ATASSplus and used to plan the use of resources. The snow depth measurement function helps the slope management team reduce production costs in real terms as less water is required for snow production. ATASSplus contributes to the efficient use of resources in facilitating the work of the snowmaking operations team. The snow depths and snow targets are clearly displayed by the software and allow the snow operations managers to identify the areas still requiring snow coverage. This means that the snowmaking operations teams no longer need to rely on estimates but can access exact data as a basis for their decision-making processes. 

Precise forecasts for careful use of resources

Another key factor in the effective use of resources is access to reliable weather forecasts. With precise outlooks to reference, it is possible to produce the amount of snow actually needed and to do so at the ideal time. The accuracy of the forecasts also allows for better scheduling of operating times and staff deployment.

TechnoAlpin works with MeteoGroup and is therefore able to integrate weather data from Europe's largest weather service into ATASSplus. The method used for forecasting is unique in the way it makes reference to different measurement data. The data for individual areas generated by several large-scale weather forecast models are combined and merged with the latest local data. Using historical weather data, it is possible to forecast the exact weather for individual sections and to map hyperlocal conditions, such as shade, local wind systems, cold spots, north-facing or south-facing slopes.

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