Power on tower

On 15 April, TechnoAlpin returned to revolutionize the snowmaking market with its new TT10 fan gun, introduced during the virtual product presentation. This tower-mounted snow gun literally takes the extraordinary technology of the TR10 to the next level, combining the guarantee of the best snow quality, optimum use of resources and maximum usability with unique technology and unprecedented simplicity. The new tiltable tower combines the advantages of a tower-mounted snow gun with the ease of maintenance of a mobile fan gun.

Excellence in snowmaking meets excellence in innovation

Just like the TR10, the TT10 also stands out for the same superior features: The nozzle valve technology enables optimum energy efficiency alongside resource conservation. The water-air cooler provides unsurpassed snow output, especially at limit temperatures, and the nucleators, with double ruby inserts, guarantee top-quality snow for years. Additionally, the TT10 follows the same operating principle as the TR10, using a single electric motor to operate the turbine and compressor. The rotary vane compressor is oil free, delivers a more uniform compressed air flow, weighs less and is easier to service.

Compared to other models, the TT10 stands out for being easy to maintain. A simple innovative tilting action allows the tower to be tilted to facilitate access to the nozzle valve ring and motor. The steel tower is extremely strong and sturdy and consists of a fixed column and a tilting column, which enables servicing at ground level. The TT10 is delivered pre-assembled and therefore only needs to be fixed in place on the base in the ski area. The fan gun can be configured to individual specifications without any restrictions. This reduces costs for unused features and ensures perfect performance in any ski area and in any conditions. Optional extras available for the TT10 include a touch display, meteo station, motorized electric swinging function, and height adjustment facility. Thus the TT10 can be used in any field of application and is equipped for any requirement.

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