“Incomparable in the marginal temperature range”

Madonna di Campiglio, the largest ski area in Trentino, has been working for more than a decade with snow producers made by TechnoAlpin. There has been a rolling program of investment in the modernization of the system and in the latest snow producers. Germano Alberti, who is responsible for the snowmaking system in the ski area, therefore also tested the new TL8 snow lance in action last winter. His conclusion? Read on!

You had the opportunity to test the new TL8 lance last winter. What was your experience with it?
Germano Alberti: I used the TL8 model and I was really very impressed by the snow production. The lance produces snow of the highest quality, and I have been entirely satisfied with its output. Another great leap forward has been made in terms of quality with this new range of products. But I would particularly highlight its performance at marginal temperatures.

In what way?
Alberti: I used the lance last winter, especially at temperatures around freezing, and I must say the TL8 stands out from all previous lance models. The performance and snow quality in this temperature range are truly incomparable, which can certainly be attributed to the new design with the multiple steps.

Does this mean that you can imagine using several lances of the TL range in the future?
Alberti: Absolutely! If I had to decide today which lance model to go for in the future, I would definitely opt for the TL range. Far more precision in the control of snow production is possible, especially in the marginal temperature range as I said, because of the multiple steps on these lances. The new technology also makes the lances much less prone to malfunction. So the TL models would probably be my clear favorite. We have had a very solid relationship with TechnoAlpin for many years and are extremely satisfied as far as innovations are concerned but, above all, with the overall service and support.

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