Making the difference with the TR10!

For TechnoAlpin, snow innovation leader, the main objective of research and development work is to guarantee optimal snow quality, while ensuring a balance use of resources, while seeking to offer snow producers that are easy to use for snowmakers. With its TR10 fan snow producer, launched last year, TechnoAlpin fulfilled the contract successfully and with a great user satisfaction after a first season of the slopes making snow.

Clearly the TR10 offers a multitude of innovative features in order to maximize the performance of the machine and to guarantee the highest quality snow production possible. This is particularly the case for the nozzle valve blocks installed directly on the nozzle ring, each valve block can be controlled independently to optimize the flow rate of the snow producer. In addition, an air flush expels the excess water, which turns to snow, when the nozzles are closed in order to limit waste.

The TR10's air cooling system also helps to improve the machine’s performance. It has been redesigned to produce excellent quality snow even when temperatures are unfavorable or marginal. The cooling surface has been increased, which provides very significant air-cooling efficiency. Therefore, the TR10 offers unequaled snow performance even at marginal temperatures.

Looking back at the 2019/2020 production season, the success has been great: More than 600 TR10s were produced and delivered to TechnoAlpin customers. The feedback after these first months of operation is excellent: from the quality of the snow, to the ease of use, without forgetting the high performance in sometimes difficult production conditions, the TR10 has given complete satisfaction and contributed to the success of the snow production campaigns.

An enthusiasm widely shared by the ski resort of Sierra Nevada (ES) which completed a modernization program of its snowmaking installation in 2019, by installing 33 new snow producers, mainly TR10, but also some TL6 lances. These snow producers, particularly the TR10, helped boost the installation's performance and significantly increase snow production while reducing the number of hours of production! This contributed to a very good season start for Sierra Nevada and TechnoAlpin is proud to supply solutions that help achieve successful winter businesses.

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