Silvrettaseilbahn AG: New lance head boosts efficiency

TechnoAlpin is working continuously to expand its product portfolio even further. The overriding objective is to optimize efficiency and snow output. One way of increasing efficiency in the snow lance sector is to replace the lance head. For ski resorts, this is a straightforward, cost-effective solution to reap the rewards of the latest models in performance terms. The system stays the same — only the lance head is replaced.

Silvrettaseilbahn AG
also relies on this straightforward method and has already replaced the Rubis Classic with the new Rubis EVO model in over 300 snow lances. "The outcome is well worth the cost: more and better quality snow, with around 40% less air consumption," explains Markus Walser, Silvrettaseilbahn AG CEO.

Silvrettaseilbahn AG New lance head
TechnoAlpin lance head Rubis EVO

Fewer resources required

An analysis of the operating data generated by approximately 30,000 snow guns worldwide shows that 71.5% of the operating hours are logged at borderline temperatures ranging from -2.5 to -6.5°C wet bulb temperature (ratio of air temperature and air humidity). Over two-thirds of the annual volume is produced during this period. TechnoAlpin is therefore geared towards developing and optimizing snow lances that operate by matching the resources available in this particular sector. "First and foremost, the switch to a new lance head is tremendously advantageous from an environment and energy perspective. Our guests also benefit from the increase in the amount and quality of snow on the slopes," emphasizes Markus Walser.

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