TechnoAlpin East Europe: specialization spells success

Customer relations are extremely high on the list of priorities at TechnoAlpin. As world market leader in snowmaking technology with its headquarters in Bolzano, Italy, the company has a further 15 bases in 13 countries, thereby guaranteeing direct contact with its customers all over the world, currently numbering around 2,400. And the Eastern European market is no exception, with TechnoAlpin East Europe opening its doors in Žilina in the north of Slovakia in 2003. The track record of the branch since then has been more than impressive.

A total of 18 employees working in Sales, Administration, Project Development & Design, Contract Management and Customer Service are now based at the TechnoAlpin site in Slovakia. Together with various specialist departments at the company headquarters, Žilina acts as the base for the planning and implementation of numerous snowmaking projects in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary every year. Projects involving the use of a Snowfactory are of special significance for TechnoAlpin East Europe. 

The Snowfactory is an innovative snowmaking system with the technology to produce snow regardless of air temperature. It is therefore ideal for operators of winter sports facilities as it allows them to plan ahead with greater certainty. It is not used as a substitute but rather as a supplement to traditional snowmaking systems and is particularly useful on lower slope sections and important connecting slopes as it can guarantee snow production even at warmer temperatures, e.g. at the beginning of the season. “In the last few years Eastern Europe has been a key market for the Snowfactory, where it has been a major feature of the snowmaking system in many projects,” said Zuzana Holášová, branch manager of TechnoAlpin East Europe, citing Ostrava, Tosovice, Moninec, Jested, Karpacz Ski Vegas, Karpacz Winterpol and Kurza Gora as examples of resorts using the system. The first slope in Central Europe which will source all of its snow from the Snowfactory for its entire length of 1.4km is currently being developed in Moninec. This has enabled the branch to build up a wealth of expertise in this field in recent years.

TechnoAlpin East Europe offers its customers an “all-inclusive project management package” – providing all the services required to deliver turnkey systems: from planning and obtaining building permits along with all the necessary documentation, and the construction work itself right through to putting the system into operation. Various new large-scale projects are currently in the works or under way

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