Ski Portillo: Modernity with vintage flair

70 years old and still ultra-modern: Ski Portillo, in the northern region of Valparaíso, is one of the oldest and most prestigious ski areas in Chile. In 1966, the ski area was the first in the southern hemisphere to host an Alpine Ski World Cup event and has always been a Mecca for all who seek perfect quality on and off the slopes. 

The ski resort expanded and modernized its snowmaking system in 2019, thereby investing in the future. Since then, the entire surface of the slopes can be covered with snow within 70 hours—a fivefold increase in output compared to before. The entire water management system has been extended and automated to this end. Twenty-five new TF10 and T40 fan guns will guarantee even more snow output. Eight meteo stations have also been installed throughout the ski area, making it possible to react with pinpoint accuracy to the slightest changes in the weather and to produce snow under optimum conditions at all time. The use of meteo stations greatly increases the scope for planning the snowmaking processes. The ability to consult the latest weather forecasts can guarantee the ideal utilization of resources. The entire ski area is controlled with the aid of the ATASSplus software. This makes it possible to exploit the detailed weather data to even greater effect and to start snowmaking at any time of the day or night. 

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