TechnoAlpin helps Nepal

As in previous years, we used the budget for customer Christmas presents this year to support a charity project. This year, our donation has helped with the rebuilding of a clinic in Thami, Nepal.

25 April 2015 – The earth moves in Nepal. Buildings lie in ruins. Many people lost their homes, friends, family, etc. In Thami, a sherpa town in the mountains of Nepal, the earthquake destroyed not only the houses of the inhabitants but also the local clinic that provided free first aid to the villagers. Without this clinic, the sherpas have a 5-hour journey on foot to reach the nearest hospital.

We decided to help with the reconstruction of the clinic and its adjoining school for nurses. That is why we helped Kami Temba, the local doctor, with coordination of the reconstruction.

This task proved to be very laborious: building materials such as wood, cement and iron are not available locally and have to be transported from Kathmandu to Thami over roads that are frequently destroyed by monsoon rains. As a result, not only the cost of building materials but also transportation costs have risen steeply.

However, despite the conditions and with the help of donations, the Thami clinic could be rebuilt.

We are pleased that we could help the residents of Thami at this difficult time and that they again have a clinic where they can receive free first aid.