"This is how I imagine digitalization!"

The TechnoAlpin product portfolio not only includes fan guns but also naturally extends into the realms of snow lances. With control software and comprehensive planning of the water supply system, TechnoAlpin is the universal supplier of state-of-the-art technology for ski resorts. TechnoAlpin's innovative SNOWMASTER app is now available for ski resort managers who face a myriad of information, requests and decisions on a daily basis. They have to coordinate the team and keep an eye on the budget and snowmaking operations. The SNOWMASTER app is the next step towards digitalization and provides an unrestricted overview of the planning and progress of the snowmaking process. The Gastein ski resort south of Salzburg boasts approximately 200 kilometers of slopes and produces snow with over 300 snow guns. Executive Board member,Wolfgang Egger, uses the SNOWMASTER app and is delighted with it: "The app gives you a quick snowmaking progress report. And provided that the corresponding temperatures are forecast, it will tell you the extent to which your snow-making target can be reached over the next five days." The snow team can then work independently and guarantee efficient snowmaking while the management team is kept up to date with the latest information and forecasts. "Key indicator data show what is actually happening at slope level or overall in groups of slopes. I think the app is "just great". It summarizes all the salient points and you can access detailed information if you want to. This is how I imagine digitalization!"

Wolfgang Egger
Mark Winkler

With the SNOWMASTER app, TechnoAlpin has found a way to facilitate communication between management and snow teams. Marc Winkler, CEO of 3 Zinnen AG, also uses the app on a regular basis. The ski resort has around 110 kilometers of slopes over five mountain ranges. That poses a challenge for CEOs in particular. "Unfortunately, I can't just look out of the window and see where we are in terms of snowmaking," explains Winkler.

TechnoAlpin is the only supplier to provide forecasts for snow production. Taking detailed weather forecasts into account, the SNOWMASTER app calculates the amount of snow that can be produced in the next few days and the amount of water required to do so. "These forecasts help me to exchange information with my team and ensure that the snow-making team is prepared in the coming days if the app predicts favorable conditions," added Winkler. 

TechnoAlpin SNOWMASTER-App
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